With Cloud on the ‘loose’, Microsoft has offered a very flexible platform which allows organizations to easily subscribe for trials or even register for a tenant on the fly. However, without a proper clean-up would create additional hassles and steps, especially if the Global Admin is no longer around or the login credential has been misplace – and this what happened to me in a recent Office 365 engagement.

In this implementation, we were supposed to activate the actual domain (Example: mydomain.com) to a new Ofifce 365 tenant. However, when attempting to associate the corporate domain into the Office 365 tenant, the portal had detected that our domain has been used and activated with another tenant – for Microsoft Power BI purposes, to make things complicated, nobody knows whom own the other domain.

To ‘regain control’ of the corporate domain, we’d to create an automated generated TXT record to proof that we’re the actual and will be the Global Admin taking over the Power BI tenant. After which we’d to remove the corporate domain that has been configured with the Power BI tenant but were thrown with an error message:

Dependencies on domain. To remove this domain, you’ll have to remove the following dependencies first.


When expand, the alias and Skype addresses indicate the users which has been assigned within the tenant, although there wasn’t any Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online licenses are available. In the end, we’d to use PowerShell to remove the corporate domain:

  • Connect-MsolService
  • Remove-MsolDomain -DomainName $mydomain.com -Force

Refresh the Admin portal and we manage to remove the corporate domain that was initially assigned to the Power BI tenant and ‘migrated’ it to the actual Office 365 domain.