I’d a deployment recently where the customer wanted to seek feedback from the employees in a mass while leveraging on their Office 365 E3 Plan, in which Yammer Enterprise was the prefect answer to this scenario.

This was a greenfield deployment as no users was on the platform yet and we’ve decided to use Azure ADSync to synchronize all User Objects to the Office 365 Cloud. The synchronization was a smooth sailing one and activating Yammer based on this guide – Yammer Activation Guide and this guide – Changing SharePoint Online Newsfeed to Yammer Enterprise.

Upon logging onto the Microsoft Office 365 main page (https://portal.microsoftonline.com) and selecting the Yammer tile, Yammer page couldn’t seem to be loaded and we’re redirected to this page with an error message:

Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in. We received a bad request

Yammer-SSO 01


When attempting to directly login via Yammer, the page was not redirected to the Office 365 Portal Login page and we keep receiving that the username & password was incorrect. As the usage of the platform was top priority, we’d to raise a support service request with Microsoft Office 365 Support Team – luckily the issue was easily resolved by perform the followings:

  1. Login to the Office 365 Admin Portal, go to Admin > SharePoint
    Yammer-SSO 02
  2. Click on Settings
    Yammer-SSO 03
  3. Under the Enterprise Social Collaboration option, select back to Use SharePoint Newsfeed (default) and wait for an hour (personal recommendation) and click OK
    Yammer-SSO 04
  4. After an hour, switch back to Use Yammer Service and click OK
    Yammer-SSO 05

Once that is done, the Single-Sign On has been resolved and users can now login using the same credentials as the Office 365/On-Premise Active Directory.

 Take away lessons: During the troubleshooting process, the Yammer team had sent a separate activation email to the Portal Admin in which doesn’t fix the Single-Sign On issue but further complex the situation – in which all users are able to login to Yammer but the password will be different with the Office 365 Portal. Use the steps above and see whether if this works. Else fail, you can use the Yammer Directory Sync tool to synchronized both user accounts and password before escalating back to the Office 365 Technical Support.