Once again, I’d the privilege to attempt the technology that was introduced during Lync Conference 2014 where SMART Technologies, where they’d demonstrated how Lync and the interactive panel are able to bring people to collaborate further and be more productive. On top of the native Lync Online Meeting, it was extended to other file types such as AutoCAD – SMART Technologies: Taking the SMART Room System to the Next Level To enable to use have the features on top of the Native Lync Online Meeting interactive collaboration, SMART Technologies has introduced an add-on known as the USB Bridge.  This add-on allows machines such as laptops or workstation to be connected to the Lync Room System without needing to “switch channels” from the panel. This also enables direct interaction with the machine via the SMART interactive panel. For better understanding on how the USB Bridge works with SMART Lync Room System, here’s a Youtube video Interactive Sharing with the SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync® (Wise Man says: Videos is worth a Million Words) 😀

To configure the USB Bridge, basically there’re only two (2) cables involve – the HDMI & USB Bridge Cable. These two (2) cables are to be connected to the Lync Appliance (known as AM70 Lync Appliance) and NOT the Interactive Panel. The USB Bridge connector can be connected to any of the available USB 2.0 ports EXCEPT the USB 3.0 while the HDMI cable is to be connect to the HDMI Capture Port (see illustration) below: USB-Bridge Once the cable connectivity is completed, you should expect such behavior – USB Bridge with SMART Lync Room System Another area to take note is the SMART Lync Room System must be running on 15.10.1 or higher (currently 15.10.2) – you would need to check the version through Admin Mode. If the LRS isn’t running on the specified version, just run a Web Update at the same mode (Admin) and allow the system to reboot a couple of times and it’ll complete the update easily.

Frankly, I’d troubles with the cable connectivity during my initial attempt as you may not find such document on the Internet – hope those whom will be implementing the SMART Lync Room System will find this article helpful.