Back in Lync Conference 2014, Skype Translate was showcase as part of the keynote; we’ve been waiting for it and now it is out!


Skype-Translate-Preview04  Skype-Translate-Preview05

Skype Translate Preview is only available as a Windows App which requires you to run on Windows 8.1 and supports up to 45 languages (for writing at the moment) while 4 types of languages for speech/voice.

Let’s run through quickly on this version of Skype Translator:

In order to use the translator engine, both parties must be either using Skype or Skype Translator Preview, once the App is loaded, there’s an additional option to the native Skype App where you can configure your locale settings so Skype will be able to perform the translation to you on the fly:

Skype-Translate-Preview06    Skype-Translate-Preview07

Initiate a session with any of your friends or family using Skype and you notice that you’ll get a Translation option at the screen. You can to choose both Speech & Writing translation based, how cool is that!




Now, the fun part! Actual translation (special thanks to @peterdiaz33)


However, the speech is still a bit “flumsy” at this point of time



To try out this release, go to Skype Translate Preview to register; take note that this feature currently only supports in the Skype Consumer category, if you attempt to use Skype Translator Preview with a Skype for Business/Lync 2013 Users, the translation option will not be available. Hoping to see such function releasing for the business users as well.