Microsoft has been doing great in terms of improving the Office 365 service offerings, providing different plans for different market.

Hence, to company which Office 365 suite or plans may be the most suitable for different organizations – there’s a Office Web Excel Web Part which has been publish directly by Microsoft provides a better insights and comparison for each product (even On Premise!) – Office 365 Service Comparison

I’d been working on a small engagement for a customer whom needs to use only SharePoint Online till the recent launch of Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials early this October 2014 within out region (APAC) – with the same price of a Standalone SharePoint Online Plan 1 vs Office 365 Business Essential, the customer now starts to drill into details on these two (2) Plans. So to list this down to the customers, rather than going through line by line of each features between these plans – I’ve used the available Web Part which can be also be downloaded from the link that I’ve provided earlier and run the query very quickly to determine the differences. Although I would presume most of us are familiar with Microsoft Excel filtering feature, but I think it is still a good to share:

When you first load up the document, the Excel file displays the entire lists of Products and Plans (notice that the Filter Icon is greyed out):

O365 Service Comparison 01

To compare the two (2) Plans, press on the Control (CTRL) button and click on the Plans that you will NOT be part of your comparison. For my case, these are my filtering options to compare between SharePoint Online Plan 1 & Office 365 Business Essentials:

Options: Office 365 + Standalone

Service: SharePoint Online

Plan: Office 365 Business Essentials + SharePoint Online Plan 1

Features Area: Default

O365 Service Comparison 02


O365 Service Comparison 03

This comparison document has really ease up a lot of manual research (through TechNet) on both ITPro & End User information. You can even download an offline copy (which I find it good on road warriors) 🙂

Happy Filtering!