Finally the moment has arrived! Manage to get my hands on a SMART Lync Room System (SRS-Lync-S) to hook up with my office Lync 2013 infrastructure.

I’ll be skipping the “heavy metal” work on assembling and wall mounting the system as this took us almost half a day just to setup the Mounting Stand and positioning the Interactive Flat Panel (that weights almost 100KGs!).

The crucial part is connecting the console and Interactive Flat Panel where the instructions can be easily found within the boxes that came with the equipment. While I’m trying to locate the exact copy that I’d, this is link that has the closest match how should the connectivity for the LRS.

[Updated 28-08-2014] Audio Cabling Guide can be obtained from here.

[Updated 06-10-2015] Hardware Installation & Cabling Guide


With the display, audio, USB and Power connectivity in-placed, the system which runs on Windows 7 Embedded will walk us through the initial setup that would be required to Calibrate the Flat Panel and Detect the peripherals that are connected to it. The full setup guide can be found here

Here’s some walkthrough (aka HOW-TOs) during the overall setup that may not be too “visible” from the available document:

1. When the wizard initiates the Audio Source, select the Table Speaker instead of the Web Cam. The speaker will not immediately shown that is activate in Green so don’t panic and complete the wizard

2. During the display adjustment, you need to adjust the following resolution: Interactive Panel – 1920 x 1080, Console – 1366 x 768. LRS-Adjust Resolution 01

3. Upon confirming the changes, you’ll receive an error message: ERROR: The right-most monitor isn’t the primary monitor if you did not move the Console to the Right side

LRS-AdjustResolution 02 

4. To fix this, you’ll need to drag the Console screen to the left of the Interactive Flat Panel

LRS-AdjustResolution 03

5. However, this is not the end – upon confirming the changes, you might get this message indicating that the top of the console is not align with the Flat Panel ERROR: The top of the monitor \\.\DISPLAY2 is not aligned.

LRS-AdjustResolution 04

6. To solve this, just move the console screen and align it with the Interactive Flat Panel:

LRS-AdjustResolution 05

7. After this the Wizard will start to configure the System with a couple of reboots and you’ll be brought into the Lync Room System Setup Wizard, which you’ll need a Lync account to be provisioned at the Lync Server 2013

8. Download & follow the  Lync Room System Deployment Guide to setup the Exchange & Lync account for the System

9. Go back to the LRS Console

10. If you’re using an internal Microsoft Certificate Authority Server (Microsoft CA), manually add the Root Certificate into the Trusted Root Certificate Store

11. Add the trusted domain into the registry – Adding a Trusted Domain

12. Activate the System License  – Activating On Premise LRS. I’m currently stuck here as I’ve tried a couple of license keys but couldn’t get it activated. However, the LRS still works as per normal but you’ll get an annoying pop-out stating that the Lync Activation has failed . [Updated: 01/08/2014] Got the license key from SMART Technologies and the Lync Room System was successfully activated.

13. Key in the necessary credentials which was created at Step #8.

14. DO NOT SAVE and Restart the System. Run at least a Test Call and the Test Online Meeting, if everything works well, Save and Restart the system

[Updated: 01/08/2014]

15. After the LRS has rebooted into its Normal Mode (in this mode, you’re able to see the Calendar option on the Interactive Flat Panel); however, I wasn’t able to join the Online Meeting when attempting to do so from the screen.

16. To resolve the issue, I’d unplugged the keyboard & mouse (as initially administrating it through those devices seems to be faster to me) and I’d rebooted the system but the problem persists.

17. Booted into the Admin Console and run the calibration – both the Interactive Flat Panel & Console seems to solve the problem after that.

18. Next, is to test out the Online Meeting – it appears that joining the conference for Audio & Video doesn’t pose any issue however the Collaboration Workload (Presenting of Power Point & Desktop Sharing) doesn’t seem to work with the following error:

LRS-OnlineMeeting 01

Surprisingly, this error only occurs on the LRS but not the other machines in the environment. So a quick search at the Internet leads me to this article – Troubleshooting Lync 2013 PowerPoint sharing issue: “There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server. Please contact your support team.” As my problem was due to Access Rights to the Certificate Authority Server, I’ll post my experience on a separate article. In short, the problem happens only on Workgroup machines where the LRS is currently configured under the Workgroup membership.

With the last challenge shared above, the LRS is now fully functional and ready to operate whenever anyone sent a Room/Resource Booking invite – no more messy preparation & configuration of Web Conferencing Meetings!

Feel free to post your Queries/Feedback if you need to know more about the Solution 🙂