Recently, I’d a couple of request to migrate some of my customer from Google Apps (mainly Gmail) to Microsoft Office365. As using the Out-of-the-Box migrator within the Exchange Online (IMAP) migrator doesn’t seem to be working, I’d an opportunity to conduct a trial using MigrationWiz instead.

To do so, it only takes a few simple steps to get the migration working.

1. First of all, we’ll need to delegate full rights to an Account that we’ll be using for the migration, for simplicity, I’ve used back the Portal Administration. Log onto the Microsoft Online Portal and head over to the Exchange Admin Center. Anchor to the user that will be receiving the migrated email contents and grant full rights to the Administrator:

O365MigWiz - 01

2.  Access the User Mailbox Properties & select Mailbox Delegation. Under Full Access, add in the Administrator Account that will be used to migrate the contents on behalf of the user


3. Once done, login to MigrationWiz Portal and create a Connector, to link between Google Mail & Exchange Online, using the following configuration:


  • Create a Project Name (e.g. Company Name – dd/MM/YYYY)
  • License Category: Commercial (Note: this is also subjected to the license that was purchased)
  • Source Settings
    • Service Provider: Google
    • Source Type: Google App/Gmail
  • Destination Settings
    • Service Provider: Microsoft Office 365
    • Destination Type: Microsoft Office 365
    • Access using Admin Credential: Checked
    • Admin Username:
    • Password: password

4. Select the Items that is to be migrated across & click on Create.


You can also further customized how the migration should behave, such as notification and the period of the contents that is to be migrated across:


Similar to other migration (On-Premises), the process runs background without any Administrative attention required; hence, it is recommended to have the following notification configured for each migration project:

  • Successful Migrated Mailboxes
    • The email address of the source mailbox being migrated
    • The email address of the destination mailbox being migrated
    • To the MigrationWiz email account that was registered OR Office 365 Admin Email Address
  • Failed Migrated Mailboxes
    • Office 365 Admin Email Address

You may only want to notify the users that the mailbox has been migrated when it is successful so the users would know that the contents has been successfully copied into Office 365 account; on the other hand, the failed mailboxes needs to attended by the Administrators and we shouldn’t be bothering the users – shouldn’t we? 🙂

In almost every migration activities, organizations are concerns on how fast and how quick can the migration be completed, hence choosing the nearest Data Center for the migration is very crucial. To determine that, you’ll need to check where are the email contents placed at Google App. For Microsoft Office 365, make sure the mailbox are selected to the correct country when assigning the Exchange Online license:



You can also create a filter of the duration of the contents and which folders to excluded in the process of migrating the mailboxes


You can also convert Gmail’s labels to Microsoft’s Exchange/Outlook’s Category model:


Save the configured settings but don’t start the migration yet.

Logon to the Gmail Account that is planned for the migration, take down the total number of items under the Inbox:


Now go back to MigrationWiz to initiate the migration:


  • Source Mailbox
    • Put in the source email address under Gmail (in most cases, it should be the original email address)
    • Username would likely be the same as the previous entry = your source email address
    • Password
  • Destination Mailbox
    • The Office 365 Mailbox Account:

Confirm the Advance Settings (you may choose to further customized or use back the default values that was configured earlier) and proceed with the migration.

The migration is now ready to be migrated


Start the migration process by clicking on the  Cloud Icon O365MigWiz_11a  and MigrationWiz will then start to verify the credentials at Google Mail which was input earlier:


Once it is successful, the mailbox will then start the migration



When the migration completes, you get to view the overall statistics of the migration:


O365MigWiz - 16 O365MigWiz - 17 O365MigWiz - 18

Now, the final step is to verify the contents that has been migrated over to Office 365

O365MigWiz - 19