It appears that the 10 years ago dilemma is reoccurring, where updates from Microsoft are not Quality Assured before releasing to the public. In the most recent Office 2013 Security releases, received by my Admin via Intune, running on Windows 8 64-bit installed with Office 2013 32-bit, the right pane was “blank” once the system reboots after a successful installation:

Outlook 2013 Blank Right Pane


After running by the Internet, it appears that the Sept 2013 was the cause and the update has been pulled back. Although there’re several workarounds to this, I still prefer to have my Right Pane back as it is.

First of all, uninstall the following Office Security Updates:

  1. Security Update for Microsoft Office 2013 KB2810009
  2. Update for Microsoft Office 2013 KB2817630

Reboot the system, download and install KB2817347; take note this Hotfix needs to be requested and couldn’t be located from Windows Update. Upon completing the installation, reboot and you’ll get back the Right Pane.

I hope after this incident, Microsoft Quality Assurance Team for the Windows Update will validate any upcoming releases before releasing it to the public or History shall repeat itself (e.g. BSODs during the Windows 2000 days)