In a recent Response Group Service (RGS), call forwarding is required if the call is unattended after 20 seconds. However, when the call doesn’t get routed to the next number after the timeout.

Using the OCS Logger, this is what has been captured:

RGS Transfer Fail 01

Based on the third trace a SIP 2.0 403 Forbidden error message was thrown with a diagnostic message:

ms-diagnostics: 12001;reason=”User Policy does not contain phone route usage”;source=””;UserUri=””;appName=”OutboundRouting

It appears that the account doesn’t have sufficient rights to route/forward the call out on behalf of the caller. To address this issue, the following commands needs to be executed:

Get-CsApplicationEndpoint| Grant-CsVoicePolicy -PolicyName “MyCall Policy”

Once the PowerShell has been execute, wait for the next User Replicator to take effect and the calls are now able to be routed to the specified destination! 😀