Was running a Lync Server 2010 Training (MOC 10533A) throughout this week and in order to use the licenses within the MOC Labs, the date & time needs to be reverse (back to the future!)

As most of the lab machines are cloned using the actual date & time, Hyper-V creates a certificate the moment the Virtual Machine is being created and started; only during the class, the date & time will be reverted back in time. When attempting to Connect (or literally remote control) the VM, the status of the VM will show as ‘Starting…’ and subsequently throw with errors:

An Error Occurred while attempting to start the selected Virtual Machine(s):

‘Virtual Machine Name’ could not initialized

Could not initialize machine remoting system. Error: ‘Element not found.’ (0x80070490).

Could not find a usable certificate. Error: ‘Element not found.’ (0x80070490).

To resolve this matter, follow the steps below:

  1. Start > Run > MMC
  2. Add the Certificates Snap-In
  3. Select Service Account
  4. Under the Select Account to Manager, select Hyper-V  Image Management Service
  5. Complete the Snap-In Wizard
  6. Expand the Certificates under Personal Category
  7. Notice the certificate generated has been created ‘for the future’ (assuming you’re suppose to revert the date & time to 2010, the certificate should display as invalid because it was created at 2013)
  8. Delete the Certificate(s)
  9. Go to the Services Console and Restart all Hyper-V Services

Now, go back to the Hyper-V Manager and the VMs should be able to be ‘Connected’ right now.