Yesterday was A very meaningful day for all Lync folks – the Lync Conference 2013 @ San Diego, the one and very first Lync Conference since it reached its GA. And my presence here for the past 24 hours, things are getting pretty very exciting: close to 1,000 attendees which consists of partners such as Platronics, Jabra, AudioCodes, Sonus, HP, Aspects, partners, customers and MVPs all around the world from all around the world came together to witness the new era of Real Time Communication!

Here’s a few key highlight on the sessions that I’ve attended throughout the day:

If I ought to describe using a single word: LEGENDARY! The keynote was started by Giovanni Mezgav, the General Manager for Lync, followed by Tony Bates to share how the communication has change the world, how ideas are exchange digitally and how it has benefit individuals and businesses across the globe.

The session was been brought to the next climax, with Lync demonstration by Derek Burney: from the native Workstations running on the latest Windows 8 and Mac Book, to smart phones running on Windows Phone 8, Android and iPhone, and to tablets! Microsoft Surface and iPad. The workload demonstrated, is not just the mere Instant Message, but the long waited Lync Mobile 2013, where the click to join meeting function, with full capabilities of voice, audio & even sharing of presentation decks! Lastly, the showcase on Lync and Skype federation before passing back to Tony to wrap up the session.

After a quick break, I’ve attended a session about Common Questions & Concerns about Lync Voice hosted by Aamer Kalem. The room was full by the time I got in and it was an interesting session where he cleared the air of the audience which are still in doubt of Lync in its Enterprise Voice capability. During this session, Aamer had shared a very good statement about voice Voice is not PBX, Dial tone is PBX – which means that Lync is a PBX that supports the most native dial tone technology in order to transmits voice!

At the next session on building custom apps on Lync, the speakers – Albert Kooiman & Marty Parker had shared the 7 steps of identifying the gaps in business and patching those missing puzzles using Communication.

To end the day, a track about Lync Network Diagnostic was a fantastic session where a new Lync API that trace and identify network losses throughout the network (e.g. Routers, switches, Access Points & etc). Compared to the traditional Monitoring, it only provides an overview that of a session that might be broken or loss but doesn’t specifies the root caused. The API is still under development and currently 2 partners are undergoing the TAP program: NetSocket & Aruba. The partners are ran a quick demo by showing a loss of a call, where the log is capable of tracing down to the network device and equipment that causes the call to be dropped. Aruba has even demonstrated that its network wireless controller is capable of running the QoS by load balancing the workloads, which simply separating video and/or voice calls to different access point, which is controlled by the Wireless Controller.


  1. Skype as a consumer application would be able federate with Lync which will be offically announced soon.
  2. Lync Mobile 2013 will be officially available at the Microsoft Store this Friday (22nd Feb 2013)
  3. Lync Mobile 2013 supports VoIP, Audio & Video all via a single button away!
  4. The environment challenges and feedbacks from customers have pushed Microsoft to further develop tools that allows in depth network data to be gathered and analyze.
  5. Lync & business applications works great together to achieve greater unified communication and collaboration