In one of my recent encounter during the Lync 2013 TAP deployments, changes that has been made from the Topology Builder doesn’t seem to be replicating to the rest of the server roles – I had two (2) Front-End Pool servers & one (1) Access Edge. From the event logs, it seems that the CMS was having issues in accessing the File Store to retrieve the changes that has been made. It seems that the sharing & NTFS permission somehow got ‘broken’

Therefore, I’m documenting the changes of the File Store from the moment it has been created and accessed during the installation of Lync Server 2013:

First of all, ensure that the File Store has been shared:

File Store Shared Properties

Under the Advance Sharing, ensure the at least the following accounts has been granted for the provisioning of File Store. Of course, make sure the account that you intend to carry out the deployment of Lync has been included within the Domain Admins Security Group.

File Store Share Permission

Under the NTFS Permission, grant the Domain Admins group with Full Control access:

File Store NTFS Permission

Upon publishing the Topology Builder, access back the Properties of the File Store and notice that the additional Permission for Lync has been automatically added with Read & Change rights assigned to the File Store folder

  • RTCHSUniversalServices
  • RTComponentUniverisalServices
  • RTCUniversalServerAdmins
  • RTCUniversalConfigReplicator

Lync Security Group Share Permissions

The NTFS Security permissions remains the same and no modifications are required

Hope this information maybe useful for those whom encountered the same problem as I’d