After bearing a very unique Access Edge FQDN since Office Communications Server 2007/R2, I’ve decide to standard the FQDN to the “standard industry practice”, which resulted that my Federation & PIC can no longer work. All federation contacts was showing Updating at the first few seconds before turning into Presence Unknown

During the incident, remote access from the external side (Internet) was working well as all my organization users were still able to get connected and make sure of all workloads that is being deployed (Online Meeting, Voice, Content Sharing & etc.) When running the OCS Test Connectivity Tool all results shows as the Big Green Checkmark (my favorite :)) but the federation still doesn’t show up.

After digging up and down for almost an hour, discovered that there was an Event Error logged from the Access Edge:

The certificate received from the remote server was issued by an untrusted certificate authority. Because of this, none of the data contained in the certificate can be validated. The SSL connection request has failed. The attached data contains the server certificate.

When running the Lync Logging Tool from the Access Edge Server, an error was captured



In the trace, it seems that the other party had been rejecting the federation request from my end. Resolution to this was I’d to check my FQDNs and SRV…..and guess what I’ve found out: my DNS provider had forgot to update the Autodiscover SRV to the latest FQDN which I’d inform.

A Lync (ring) away solved the issue after restarting the Access Edge Service by issuing a Stop-CSWindowsService & Start-CSWindowsService. I sign-out and sign-in back to my Lync Communicator and all of the federated contact starts to shows its correct Presence!