Had recently ran some updates and configuration changes to my lab files as I was trying out some new updates for my Polycom CX700 IP Phone. So when I launched the Admin Control Panel, got a ‘horrified screen’ of

Navigation to the webpage was canceled:

OK – the event is just 2 weeks away (company is organizing an event so I had to keep my fingers crossed), take  a deep breath (fuuuh-wahhhhh!). Did a right click on the web page and select on Properties:

Notice the highlighted area: ABS.contoso.com is actually my web services FQDN; when attempting to access the Admin Control Panel via the IE browser, I get a Unauthorized error:

Launched the Topology Builder to verify the entry was still intact:

So, I’d a hunch that my DNS record was the culprit, login to my AD-DNS Server role and check on the records – and there it goes, I’d made the changes for the ABS.contoso.com A record to point to the Pool Server:

 Did a round of ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns – Admin Control Panel is now back to normal!