I’d plan to complete a couple of stuff on hands and woke up early this morning, just to realized my Office Communicator 2007 R2 was offline. I assumed it was disconnected due to the poor ISP service that I’d been subscribing, so I’d tried to relogin and received a message: Cannot sign in because the server is temporary unavailable. If the problem persists, contact your system Administrator

So OK, I’m the System Administrator and I’ll need to find out the problem; did a quick telnet to the Access Edge external interface via 443 and 5061, everything seems to be normal and I’d to VPN back to the office and get connect to the Access Edge Server.

All services seems to be running fine and there’re isn’t any errors messages from the event viewer, so I decided to restart the Access Edge service but the service can’t see to be started after it. Upon gazing at the event viewer:

  • Application Log: The Office Communications Server Access Edge service terminated with service-specific error 3286842466 (0xC3E93C62).
  • Office Communications Server Log: Failed starting the protocol stack. The service has to stop. Error code is:0xC3E93C62 (SIPPROXY_E_NO_DEFAULT_OUTGOING_CERT).Cause: Check the previous entries in the event log for the failure

Based on the error message above, it seems like a wrong/expired certificate on the Access Edge, in which I’d renewed our GoDaddy Certificate it not long ago. To find out more, the management console shall lead me to the answer:

  1. Check all external interfaces configuration and the certificates assigned are correct – The AV Conferencing Edge Certificate seems to be invalid and expired
  2. Check the internal interface configuration and the certificate assigned is correct – The certificate for this seems to be expired as well

With both pointers above, all the errors above seems to be pointing to the my internal Certificate Authority server, which I’d used to assign to the internal & AV Conferencing Edge Services.

Solution, generate an offline certificate request, submit the request through the CA Server and assign it. Done! The services was back online and my OC was able to sign-in back via the Access Edge Server