Microsoft had just release 8 NEW TOOLS for Lync Server 2010 which can be download from Here

  1. IM an Expert – A powerful that that allows enquries to be ‘broadcasted’ which allows an expert to response to these enquiries.
  2. Conversation Analyzer – Weight your conversation partner! Not too sure how does this benefit to users, still figuring out myself…
  3. Conversation Translator – an in-built Microsoft Translator for Lync Communicator (WooHoo!) where you can now IM your friends/colleagues from the other parts of the world (beware of grammer though…). Supports up to 35 languages.
  4. Information Dashboard – a small widget built into Lync Communicator, where you can view the current person that in the conversation. However, you’ll need to enter the location yourself manually
  5. Tabbed Conversation – Yes! This is how we LIKE our communicator, just like Live Messenger feel and look, just tabs and minimal windows at the bottom of the taskbar
  6. Group Chat Stress – A good analyzer/stress tool to ensure your Group Chat services doesn’t becomes ‘irresponsive’
  7. Lync Custom Intranet Sites – A good a self-pace learning portal for new deployments
  8. Lync How to – brighten your static reading to motion training – using Silverlight

Great tools that shouldn’t be missed out by any Lync Administrators!