Happy Chinese New Year everyone, is the first of day of CNY and would like to express my greeting to all viewers & visitors to my blog site!

Had recently resume a pilot project for a customer of mine where the final part of publishing the Web Content via the Front-end Pool using ISA 2006. A brief description on the environment:

1. Active Directory 2003, FL & DL – Windows 2003

2. Exchange 2007 with SP2 (without UM)

3. Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1

  • A unit of Pool Server
  • A unit of Access Proxy

4.  ISA 2006 as a Reverse Proxy for Exchange Publishing

5. Microsoft Certificate Authority Server, CRM and etc.

As the environment is already on LCS 2005 SP1, this pilot implementation has been only targeted to a very small amount of Business Decision Makers (referred as BDM) to evaluate the new and enhanced Office Communications Server 2007 R2!

OK, so let’s not further or do, let’s move into the problem that I’d eventually encounter.

As the implementation had been left untouch (probably), I’d run through some a round of catch-up on the existing environment.

Using the Office Communicator 2007 R2 (Build 3.56907.83), I manage to get the communicator connected to the FE Pool from internal. Using IM, escalating to a Voice & Video excluding Enterprise Voice (both P2P & Multi-party) was all cool and everything seems to be prefect. Using the HOST file (the environment was on split DNS), I’d then manipulated the IP address with the external DNS-es. Everything was fine besides Live Meeting, an error hit me:

Problem Description: Cannot connect to server because the information in the User Accounts

Identification of problems:

1. Ran the usual PING & NSLOOKUP – looks pretty normal

1. Event Viewer – they’re my best friend! An error indicating that the local service account RTCProxyService cannot find the service specified. Reset the local password and re-type under the service console, and re-attempt to start the services – didn’t manage to get it working 😦

2. Launch the logging tool. OK, that seems strange, the DNS has been successfully published but there isn’t any traffic coming into the Web Conferencing Edge Server.

3.  Attempted to launch the Management Console for Access Edge, that’s weird, the Office Communications Server services seems to be missing. Quickly, I re-launch the setup within the DVD and selected ‘Deploy Other Roles’ and choose Access Edge. The setup screen shows:

Installation – Completed

Activation – Partial (Taking consideration of aside Live Meeting, the rest are all working, so what the heck?!)

If you think this is weird, there’s any even more interesting, when I attempt to re-activate the Access Edge Server role, the wizard gave me an error, stating the object couldn’t be found.


After much of hunting high and lows, realized that there was another server which holds the same IP address of the Access Edge Server’s Private Interface and might had caused the corruption of the services that was provisioned and activated earlier on.

So I went ahead and uninstall – reinstall the Access Edge components. This includes of re-configuring and reassigning the certificates which had been used earlier. Walla! Everything was back to normal and the Live Meeting was working great.