Was doing my daily routine readings on TechNet and discover this new tool powered by Silverlight.

The options provided are based on the supported migration/upgrade path of Exchange 2010:

  1. Upgrade from Exchange 2003
  2. Upgrade from Exchange 2007
  3. Upgrade from an environment which has Exchange 2003 & Exchange 2007 co-exist
  4. Green field deployment

New to Exchange Server ? Fear not as at the bottom of each question, there’re tool-tips displayed (click the arrow button to show/hide):

After you’ve answered the questions, the tool will then generate a Deployment Checklist customized to your needs:

Few interesting options that you can do from here:

  • The guide practically provides a overall step-by-step guide. To make it better, there’re screenshots inside of the tool as well!
  • TechNet Library links are also provided to give further clarity to the deployment
  • Downloadable checklist for offline references
  • Mark completed tasks or review back the tasks
  • At the end of this assistant, it also recommends post installation tasks by using Exchange Best Practice Analyzer and also the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer Tool

At last, you may also provide your feedback to Microsoft about this Deployment Assistant tool 😉

Locate this tool from here: Exchange Deployment Assistant