Just got a call early this morning from my CIO: Hey, I’m getting an error message while signing in my MOC, I’m right now at home. Are you guys up to something right now? Ops, I guess I’ve missed the renewal date for my GoDaddy SSL certificate.

After we got off, I’ve went ahead to renew the certificate at GoDaddy’s site. After logging in, as the certificate has expired, I couldn’t view any renewal options from my Admin page. So I’ve decided to call up GoDaddy Technical line to get it renewed.

Ok, got my new subscription done up in less then 5 minutes. So I logged into my Access Edge, launch the Certificate Wizard and got the details keyed it. After that, I then login to my SSL Management page and tried to renew the certificate.

What’s this? Right now GoDaddy can only generate/renew certificates which are 2048 bit length, 1024 is no longer under support – Why does my CSR need to be 2048 bit length?

Ok, so back to my Access Edge once again to re-create the offline request CSR, got in under my notepad and tried to paste onto the available field but the system had ‘rejected’ my request – kept getting a error message at the web page:

Invalid CSR submitted. Please re-create your csr and submit your request again.

Puzzled, as I was pretty sure that I’ve selected the 2048 option:

So, end up I gotta call the Techincal Support Hotline. After checking through their system, the Support Guy told me there isn’t any sign of rejection while I’d put in my CSR and suggest me to copy both Header, Body Contents and the footer of the CSR. Header and Footer?! What’s that suppose to mean?

I went ahead powered up a lab machine running on Windows Server 2003 with IIS installed, created a CSR and managed to discovere the mysterious ‘Header & Footer’!

Added the ‘Header & Footer’ at the beginning and ending of the CSR:



Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V, click Submit – Walla! Manage to get the CSR submitted and the request was placed pending for approval.