For users whom are still running the 32-bit platform of Windows Operating system and requires the tool to diagnose the overall audio quality while using the Communicator client, here’s the 32-bit version of PreCallDiagnostic tool which has been just released.

Download Office Communications Server 2007 R2, PreCallDiagnostic Resource Kit Tool

What is PreCallDiagnostic?

The PreCallDiagTool is an application that reports expected audio quality as it relates to the network effect. The tool should be installed on any desktop or laptop PC that suffers from inconsistent network connection quality. The PreCallDiagTool can provide a quick check of the current network conditions and also preserve a history of quality data to let users profile their network performance over time or other conditions. The tool is particularly useful for home/mobile users and users using WIFI access points.

(Source: Communications Server Team Blog).