OK – after multiple involvement in Microsoft engagements & implementations for the past few years, guess is time for me to start something off to share my experience on the deployments – especially on Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.

As a start, let me share the perception on this technology at South East Asia. Basic communications such as calls, emails and instant messaging has been widely used by every organization. However, adaption to Voice over IP (VoIP) are still in a very small category due to bandwidth constraint and also ‘concerns’ about moving into new technologies.

Here’s a few tips why should YOU consider OCS in your organization:

1. Cost cost cost $$$ – Yeah always the factor when it comes into embracing into technology 😉

2. Security & Compliance – Open instant messaging may lead into information leakage (when mostly do not have any 3rd party governing gateways to control public instant messaging)

3. Productivity – Picture this: You need to reach out to someone for an important matter, and that ‘someone’ might even breach out to more ‘someones’ to have an agreement. Traditionally, you’ll pick up a call and: You: Hey Mate, I need some information could you help me out? Person A: Sure, but I need another guy from the next department. So let me ask around and get back to you. You Wait Person B: Hey, I need more information so I can help me Person A to furnish the data, yada yada yada… …..Yes, multiple cycles just to have a piece of information. So, to shorten the cycle of coming back and forth for information, now users can actually breach together and converse in a much efficient way – fantastic, wouldn’t you think so?

On my next post, I’ll do some introduction of the server roles that OCS 2007 R2 has in-place so you may actually picture better about it 🙂